Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1 — Your Best Friend

30 Day Letter Challenge
Day 1 — Your Best Friend

Being a military wife, it's hard to say someone is your "best friend". Friends come and go, and time and distance keep people apart. But I have to say that one friend that I still talk to, that I still love dearly, despite not having seen her in a year in a half, is Tory Dresser.

I remember sitting in my cubicle at work and nervously sending an email to you and Erika, under the guise of needing a pregnancy question answered, but really hoping that we could strike up a conversation and become friends. I remember being embarassed as you read my message and I heard you yell out, "Who is Bailee?"

The first time I went to your house, we sat and we ate and talked for hours. Something like 4 hours straight, without pauses or awkwardness. We clicked right away, and I felt almost instantly that I had known you forever. I left feeling hopeful that I would have a new friend.

We have similar lives, families, personalities, and values. We can talk with a candidness and honesty that no one else understands. Heck, our children were born only days apart. H and V are separated by two weeks. E and R, only 5 days. You are thousands of miles away, and I still think of you as family. You were a great friend when I lived near you, and you are now. It kills me to think that I can't just drive to your house, that I won't see you at work. That I don't know when I will see you again at all.

Watching your life turn upside down over the past few months has been very painful for me. I miss you so dearly, and I wish I could be there. I wish I could know your children. I wish I could bring you meals and visit you at the hospital. Actually, I wish I could make everything go away, and we could just go camping  have dinners and laugh and watch our kids grow up together. You have been through so much, and still you make time to tell me that you miss me, and be a part of my life. I hope you know that I think of you all the time, and that I love you like a sister. No matter the time or distance, you are my friend, Tory.

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